Dating Saga #3

My date ends up in the ER after getting punched in the face on our first date…and the saga begins. First, I picked a place and told him to meet me there and he later calls me to tell me that he is at the restaurant and it’s closed. At that point, I couldn’t think of any other place that wasn’t to brightly lit in case he wasn’t easy on the eyes and I had to be close to home in case I needed to run away. I decided to go to Cheesecake Factory, dimmed and safe environment, good food and great drinks. To my surprise, the guy was a handsome 30 year old. I was relieved that I could look at him without squirming. Throughout, the night I seemed to think we had a spark and a good conversation going. Most importantly the drinks were flowing. I could tell I had his attention by the way he was looking at me and his body language started to change.

It’s now almost 12 a.m. and he asked if I wanted to continue the night and an go to a “lounge” (AKA bar with music and place to sit for adults). I wasn’t really tired and was genuinely having a good time so I accepted. We get to the place, dancing the night away without a care in the world. Until…..everything changed.

I reached for my bottled water and when I turned back, I see a short statured man speaking to my date. In a matter of a few minutes, I see my date punch the other guy in the face and the drunk bastard punches my date in the face. Before I know it, the bouncers are escorting the two men out and I’m calmly standing there thinking “is this really happening on a first date”. hahaha. The other guys wife approaches me and says, “was he hitting you or mistreating you”. I looked at her stunned and yelled,
“this is my first date why the f*** would he be abusing me”. And proceeded to tell her that she’s the one married to an a-hole. She apologized and walked away.

Long story short, the guy who approached my date really thought he was hitting me or something and tried to be the hero of a fictitious story he made up. I later accompanied my date to the hospital because we wanted to be sure he didn’t break anything. This will be one of my most memorable dates ever!!!!! Until next time.


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