My One Liners

I’m notorious for having one liners but I never realized I had them until my friends pointed it out to me.  It’s random s**t that I say LOL…so here it goes:

“I’m not dating anyone at this time. I go out on dates from here and there and then I’ll never see them again. I call them one timers.”

“I took a year off to be myself that was on purpose. I don’t know what happened the other two. ”

“You need a slap back to the womb”

“Don’t be blinded by the D”

“I date to find my mate”

“I wish I was stupid because I would have a man”

“Im usually keen on knowing when im being played”

“Can he pretend and at least ask me out on a date instead of trying to land me”

“Stop lying, I’m not your girl no more”

“He stopped calling me, he probably got a girlfriend”

“He made the cut”

“Package watching is fundamental”

“No dates this week, need time to relax”

“You want me to f*** everyone?”

“You know your ex is over you, when your invited to his wedding”

“These aren’t dates, they are called meetings”

“I sounded so well put together with a hint of pathetic”

“I’m meeting someone tomorrow, but he’s definitely not dating material”

“I’m trying hard to find my match, what’s wrong with meeting several men at the same time”

“I’m multitasking…time management is key (when it comes to dating)”

“On the prowl for my mate”

“It’s summer time anyway, men only want girlfriends during winter months so they can get fat”

“Hopefully this guy is good tonight, so I don’t have to blog about it”

Updated 6/17/14


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