I Get The Best Advice From A Guy!

“Men have thirsty moments”

“Even with a business suit, you can’t deter pervs”

“F***k love, it’s overated”

“Your so hung up on titles, just give him some”

“Your not dating, your in a relationship”

“All they want is something warm and wet with a little heat”

“Marry for money”

“Wait til he buys a house”

“Don’t discount the married ones”

“Why are you single”

“You’ve dated like 100 guys”

“People are leaving you because you
don’t put out”

“It’s all about the magic dust”

“His intention is to land you”

“Every guy has an agenda”

“The problem is you date men with ghetto shaving styles”

“They want to get in your pants”

“You have too many requirements”

“He’s a stand up guy, he lives with his mom”

“Nice guys always finish last”

“Girls strive for drama”

“If there is no drama, you’ll create it”

“He dumped you because you wanted kids”

“When your that hot, you’re allowed to”

“Guys that send flowers are full of s**t”

Disclaimer: By no means do I listen to this advice, If I did I may have a man.

Updated 4/26/14


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