Mommy Issues

At what point is the line crossed when a man is super close to their mother? My friends and family say that when a man helps and cares for the well being of their mom or family, that it’s a good indication that they will treat their significant other the same way. I thought this was also true until I encountered men with this passion for their mom.

The men I’ve dated in the past have all had different reasons for being there for their mom and it is usually because father/husband is no longer in the picture. I had a boyfriend who put his mom and sister on a pedestal. He would do anything for them. However, he treated his ex girlfriends like garbage. Although he took care of me, his way of showing it was twisted. Next, was a man that moved in with his mother after his dad passed away. When he told me the story, I just said to myself what an admirable thing to do. He must be a good man, future husband material but I was wrong. I don’t know what it was but he was deathly afraid of commitment.

Recently, my last encounter was on a date. Half way into the date, he said “I might as well tell you now.” I looked stunned and said “oh boy here we go.” He begins by saying my mother lives with me. Then re-emphasized that he didn’t live with his mother and that the mother moved in with him. He proceeded to state that he took his mother in after a bad divorce. After that point he disclosed additional information such as, “I was like her boyfriend for a long period of time, it’s hard to find anyone that will understand this situation, it’s only temporary”. None of this bothered me, however I had some mixed feelings about this topic. In the end, I offered to drive him to his car since he had parked further away….as I’m approaching his destination, he says, “can you drop me off at CVS, I need to buy my mom shampoo?” So is this just a momma’s boy or is this mommy issues?


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