Why Do I Do This Again?

As I mentioned in my about me, I’m limited in my options of how I meet men or maybe I just ran out of ideas. Currently, I’m doing the online dating thing (don’t ask me name of site) because if it was good I wouldn’t be single. I have my days that when I log on, I think very positive and say to myself “today will be the day I meet someone normal”. Then I patiently read profiles and scroll through dozens before my hand starts to go numb or my finger just gets stuck. There have been few on occasions where I get excited because the “convo” seems to be flowing and they haven’t said anything offensive. But I also have my bad days, where I don’t know why I’m logging on, when I know I’m only going to read emails that don’t grasp my attention or just profiles that don’t fit what I’m looking for. I’ve compiled a list of things that are going through my mind on these off days:

  • did he just copy/paste this entire message
  • omg he looks like a killer
  • wow this one doesn’t give up
  • does he not know he sent me this message several times
  • why do all men say they are laid back, does that mean they are always sleeping
  • seriously they don’t know how to use their camera phone
  • why would you put up a picture of a picture that is scanned
  • I hope that’s his sister that he is hugging
  • Is that a wedding band on his finger
  • why does he have pictures from the 80’s
  • why is he not smiling, is he missing teeth
  • a little lower and I can see his pelvic bone
  • they state they work out but by their pictures looks like they don’t
  • default pic is younger looking version than all the rest
  • is there anyone left that doesn’t live in NYC
  • oh gawd please put your shirt back on, I get it you work out
  • if you travel all the time, do you even have a job
  • I’m sharpening up my memorizing skills

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