To My Wife

Is this a dream, wait no…it’s our reality
Can we go back in time and reminisce
Flashbacks of our lives and how it all started
Beginning when we first crossed paths at AT&T Wireless

Fourteen years ago we were just naïve kids
Sat in 4×4 cubes right across from one another
Working, talking, smiling, and flirting
Never would of imagined we would end up married

Planned and plotted how to would win you over
There was no limit to what I was willing to do
Wanted to do anything, didn’t care what it took
Because I knew what my future had in store for you

You were very different from all the rest
A light shined within you, perfect in every way
I had to thank God for you, I was truly blessed
Determined to treasure you each and every day

The love you gave me was so raw and pure
Never felt this intense connection before
Not just the physical beauty you possessed
Your nurturing, passionate and caring ways

You gave me the best gift anyone can ask for
You said “I do” through sickness and health
My life was just what I would call perfect
Then, before I knew it, I became a father of two

It’s no surprise of the amazing woman you’ve become
The love, strength and courage you portray
You continue to be my ultimate warrior princess
Brings me comfort even though I’m not here with you today

I may no longer be here physically in this place
To spend my days and grow old with you and the kids
But trust in me mi amor, I’ll never leave your side
I’ll guide and help you through this so called journey

You will always be the woman of my dreams
My best friend, companion, wife and soul mate
No matter where I am, I’m watching over you
I Will always whisper in your ear “I Love You”

Thank you for being an amazing wife and mother
I had the life and love anyone would be so lucky to have
I’ll say goodnight for now and see you when you dream
Until we reunite again, “Love you with every fiber in my being”

Dedicated to my best friend.


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