A few weeks ago, I woke up at around 2:30 am and like a sleepwalker, except without the walking. I pulled out my phone from under my pillow and began writing this poem. I don’t know why I was compelled to write a poem and have it be about an old relationship. I guess since I started to blog it’s brought out old memories that have impacted my life. Hopefully you will be able to relate, as I think everyone has had a chaotic relationship at one time or another!!!!

You were different than the rest
offered a heart of gold at best
succumbed to your genuine words
blinded by this thing we call love

It was too late I was hooked
to a love so raw that it hurt
consumed by a temporary high
but deteriorating from the inside

You were my worst addiction
blurry vision with no distinction
lost myself without no direction
instead of listening to my own intuition

Couldn’t remove the blinders
wrapped up in all your one liners
“I’ll change, sorry, never do it again”
the same old speech every single day

You were not my soul mate
began to leave scars of neglect
left a wicked mark on my chest
alone and with complete emptiness

At times I could of sworn I was bipolar
I would be up down up like a roller coaster
happy, sad, angry and even irate
brainwashed to believe I was to blame

You were good at the mental game
how could I not see you were lame
being Jekyll and Hyde was your forte
but all it did was give me more strength

Prayed and hoped you would change
for the man who wasn’t deranged
smiled and pretended that we were ok
but resentment grew and love faded away

My heart turned to a cold stone
blood in my veins a shameless blue
madness and hatred was all I knew
regretted the day I ever met you

Thanks to you I discovered to love me
to move on and be completely free
finally understood I deserved better
soul and heart healed, but forgotten – never


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